Nov. 6th, 2011

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Are you all excited for the first day of [community profile] pod_aware tomorrow! Are you all scrambling at the last minute to get projects finished like I am?

So no one has to worry about time zones, I'm going to be posting the Day 1 post very shortly so that participants can start posting as soon as it hits midnight in their time zone.

How posting will work, is a mod post will go up with the little blurb about the theme of the day. Anyone posting something for that day will include that little blurb (in the creator notes, or somewhere else easily visible) wherever they post their work. I welcome participants to make a top level entry to the comm posting your work, but if you'd rather not, you can leave a comment with a link to your work, so we can add it to the masterlist for that day.

Also in that post will be a meta podcast related to that day's theme brought to you by a great team of podficcers/authors. Feel free to share your thoughts on the day's theme in the comment section to these daily posts!

ETA: Don't forget, even if you didn't sign up for [community profile] pod_aware you can still participate, all you need to do is dedicate a fanwork/post/something to [community profile] pod_aware and it's daily theme and link back to us!
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Welcome to the first day of [community profile] pod_aware!

To post a work for [community profile] pod_aware, please include the following in your notes or somewhere easily visible to help spread awareness about podfic:

Podfic: it's an audio recording of a fanfic, like an audiobook, how awesome is that? Fans from all over put their voices out there so you can enjoy fanfic on the go or just in a different way. To find out more about podfic, why we do it and how to get started, check out [community profile] pod_aware on LJ or DW.

To make it easier for you, you can just copy and paste from here:

To help get us in the mindset, here's a podcast done by [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] klb and myself, where we talk about podfic 101 and why we podfic:

Download: MP3 or M4B

Feel free to talk about today's theme in the comments and if you post [community profile] pod_aware stuff off the comm, make sure to drop us a link so we can add you to the masterlist!

Round Up Post!


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