PB VID: Arrow by Isagel

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:00 am
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This is one of those beautiful vids that feels like it summarises the canon -- like the ship is obviously there, you can see it all of those scenes, and the fact that Michael walks away to be with Sara doesn't reduce or distract from the Alex/Michael feels. In essence, this is how I saw the show, and it's lovely to see it in vid form.

(Vid) Arrow (17 words) by Isagel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Prison Break
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Alexander Mahone/Michael Scofield
Characters: Michael Scofield, Alexander Mahone
Additional Tags: Video, Fanvids, Season/Series 04, Enemies to Friends, Enemies to Lovers, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Heist, Puzzles, Codes & Ciphers, Angst and Feels, Grief/Mourning, One True Pairing, True Love, Protectiveness, Redemption, Worship, Floppy hats, Self-Sacrifice, Plans, Former enemies working together, Vidukon 2017

I want you to destroy me.

Or on DW here.

At least planes can take off here

Jun. 21st, 2017 06:37 pm
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1) We had a strange weather burst two days ago. The forecast had said possibility of some evening showers but clearly no bad weather was expected because when we turned on the weather radio they were saying skies were clear. Read more... )

2) NPR's 1A had an interesting chat about diversity and Disney productions, as well as the influence of media on kids.

3) I rather liked this discussion about the gendered history of pockets, although I notice it didn't mention the more recent push to get men out of cargo shorts into something more streamlined. This seems to me to strike at the heart of the issue which is that pressure about appearance has always been heaviest on women and this usually results in extreme, and often dangerous, impracticality when it comes to clothes.

"An 1899 New York Times piece makes the somewhat tongue-in-cheek claim that civilization itself is founded on pockets. "As we become more civilized, we need more pockets," the piece says, "No pocketless people has ever been great since pockets were invented, and the female sex cannot rival us while it is pocketless.""

4) HT to Petzi for pointing to the Television Critic's Awards nominees. I think these are frequently a much better list of nominees than the Emmys. That said, I thought a few choices were pretty odd. Read more... )

5) I posted about blockchains a few days ago and saw this discussion about a new project employing them as a new journalism model.

AG Rec: Cities in dust (Ibis/Jacquel)

Jun. 19th, 2017 09:14 am
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Reccing this because I know [personal profile] china_shop is shipping Ibis/Jacquel too, and I love the quiet accepting tone to this story.

Cities in dust (3203 words) by hypsoline
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: American Gods - Neil Gaiman, American Gods (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mr. Ibis/Mr. Jacquel
Characters: Mr. Ibis, Mr. Jacquel, Bastet (Ancient Egyptian), Anubis (Ancient Egyptian), Thoth (Ancient Egyptian)
Additional Tags: Old Gods, New Gods, Old Married Couple, Ancient Egyptian Deities

An Old God, a forgotten word. ‘He is what he is’, Mr. Jacquel whispers into Mr. Ibis’ neck, on full moon nights. The lights of the modern world rob the sky of all its ancient mystery, perhaps of its Gods too. But new ones have taken their place, and thus the divinity has been passed on, not completely alienated.

Half Baked (at least so far)

Jun. 18th, 2017 02:34 pm
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1) I forgot to write anything about Arrival, largely due to the fact that it was dubbed a "short wait" for over a month on Netflix and then arrived just before I was leaving on vacation. Read more... )

2) I also just watched La-La Land. Read more... )

3) I hadn't even heard of blockchains before these articles but am fascinated by the implications.

"Blockchain technology has been hailed by its VC supporters as having revolutionary promise for all involved. “You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990’s. It’s analogous to email for money." Read more... )

4) When this article stated "Most fanfic services don’t allow porn, hate speech, or revealing personal information about living people" I assumed it was talking about FFN. Yet it's never mentioned in the article even though Wattpad is, and only one site listed serves those under 13 (which is basically the minimum age for account holders across platforms, at least in the U.S.)

5) Speaking of kids, I thought this image was adorable and it took me a bit before I realized the little girl was holding the book in question. Bet it made the bride's day!

arthuriana and announcements

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:19 am
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i finally bestirred myself to re-open [community profile] unconventionalcourtship. as usual the new banner that i choose to make reflects whatever i'm watching at the moment. this year - it's a medical romance. tee hee.

very near the end of brett!holmes - just two more episodes to go, and then theoretically i have to go back and watch 'The Eligible Bachelor', which is another short story they've blown up into a film. i couldn't bear it at the time, since the two previous ones (master blackmailer and the last vampire) were almost unwatchably bad. turns out almost everything on the first boxset is spectacularly wonderful and perfect ... and everything on the second boxset is... not. the nineties have a lot to answer for. i've also been reading the stories - now most of the way through 'the return of sherlock holmes'. v good, v readable, but had to take a break and read something else for a while as all pretty similar.

i read ishiguro's 'the buried giant' as we owned it, and a lot of people i know have read it, and i knew it was something to do... with arthur. having read it, i don't know how i feel about it really. i liked the ending a lot - i tend to like endings that draw lots of past threads together, which this did; i thought it was very little to do with arthur - he just stood for the idea of a man who had been a myth, and perhaps for chivalry (really, as we all know, what i like about arthuriana is arthur - and white's arthur through 'camelot' - which means that while i can respect people trying to trouble the idea of arthur's goodness, i do not like it). gawain might as well have been anyone, and in fact it's a bit weird that he's such a famous one when there's very little of gawain's story in here. the prose is effectively blanket-y, given the idea of everyone living inside a mist. i probably wouldn't read it again.

i also recently saw 'king arthur - legend of the sword' aka the guy ritchie movie. i dont think i've talked about this before on my LJ, have i? if i have, please forgive me, as we must try and forgive guy ritchie. this was a very bad movie, composed of a number of bits of different movies (very few of which had much to do with any known versions of arthurian legend). some of those stitched together movies could have been ok, and some (most notably the most CGI sections where giant elephants fought eric bana) were objectively bad. to my great amusement it re-united nathan and stuart from queer as folk as arthur and smirking yet somehow emotionally resonant mentor figure. also - morgana from merlin was in it as jude law's wife who gets murdered for plot (by him) 5 minutes in. these things amused me enough, and of course i laughed til i almost cried when i described the plot of the movie later. it was mostly just bemusing during the actual watching of it, but when you think back... eric bana as uther fought giant elephants conjured by mordred while jude law got a nosebleed for no reason. i was very funny, and worth the price of admission.

since i started this post with an announcement, here's another one: the hammer to fall/bang and blame move is official, and is officially happening... some time. i guess it will be happening at the beginning of july (though the text is very vague), and whether it will be done automatically or whether i will be doing it by hand is still something i do not know... i'm not mentioned at all in the announcement so maybe i don't have to do anything. we will find out!

Soon summer

Jun. 16th, 2017 11:12 pm
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People have asked me whether this half year when I've had research leave hasn't flown by. But really, it hasn't, there has been a lot of things, lots of different places, and I wish it could last longer, but it has also been a long time.

This last week back home, on the other hand, has flown by. I've been planning next semester's courses, and whereas I really miss teaching, I really do not miss neither the administrative stuff (all course description needs to be updated to a new template, totally different from the last one. Deadline: yesterday), not the grading. But that is still months away!

But first: Brittany and my course in Breton.

Last summer I did a two week course in Quimper, Brittany, France in Breton. I can't really I say I learned a lot. I was the second worst in class, not having any schooling in Celtic languages, unlike the others. So of course I decided to go back this summer. I haven't studied a second, so this year I will be the worst student on the second level!

So Sunday I'm flying out to London, rushing from Gatwick to London City Airport (where I once met Princess Diana as she was opening a new runway), and from there to Quimper. I've got a ticket from Quimper to London, but not home. I'm thinking of taking of taking a couple of days in London, but haven't decided on anything yet. Also staying in London is disgustingly expensive. Particularly in July...

Oh, well, I'm trying to be spontaneous. Does it work?
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I was looking through my old files and found this gem of an article that I never posted. My views have changed a bit since I wrote this, but since Season 4 Sherlock has come and gone, it is well time for me to unload this commentary on the world. I appreciate your comments.

Alright, I've been quiet because I enjoy watching the ships go by, but it is finally time for me to weigh in on the debate of Sherlock and John's sexual orientation.

The Tragedy of BBC's SHERLOCK

Now the fandom has its preferences as seen by the fact that the largest ship in the Sherlock fandom is Johnlock. And why not? Romantic comedies are the norm for modern stories. We expect the romantic ending to the story. It fades to black, and we go home confident that love has conquered all, but if we expect this of BBC Sherlock, then we are forgetting something important.

Who is writing this story, and what story is it based on?

Who is writing this story?

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.

Let’s talk about Moffat, a man who has admitted that it fills him with glee to watch us cry our hearts out. Why, oh why would you trust him to give you a happy ending? It must be because of all the other happy season endings he's given us, like season 1 when Moriarty...oh...I mean season 2 when Sherlock died...um… Well there was season three when Sherlock…no.

Do you see what I mean? Even in The Game of Three which must have been the fluffiest episode they've ever made, it ended with Sherlock going home... sad and alone.

What is the inspiration?

The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes by Billy Wilder

That had a happy ending, didn't it?


Spoiler Warning!

The story:

Irene Adler showed up sans memory and hugged Sherlock while scantily clad. They took her in. They went undercover and Sherlock pretended to be her husband (They shared a room). Watson was sure that Sherlock fancied her, but in the end she double crossed them, and left. She was later executed as a spy.

Cheery huh?

But the text of the movie is not what it is know for. The secret life of Sherlock Holmes is known best for the subtext.

There was a notable joke right at the beginning that Moffit and Gatiss have mentioned specifically where to avoid offending a ballerina who asks him to sleep with her, Sherlock implies that he is gay. When the dancers find out, all of the women Watson was dancing with bow out, and Watson finds himself surrounded by fit young men. When he finds out why, he just about kills Sherlock telling him that he is straight and he can bring women as witnesses to his sexual prowess from three different continents if asked by the police. When he asks Sherlock if he can do the same, Sherlock says nothing.

John Watson in this story is straight, and proud to say so. Sherlock says nothing, so we must let his actions speak for themselves. Although interested in Irene Adler in what may or may not be a romantic way, he doesn't make sexual or other advances on her, and in the end, he lets her go. On the other hand, he has been living alone with another man who he finds indispensable, and not in the same way as Mrs Hudson. Not as a utility, but as a friend and more than a friend.

Although Sherlock's celibacy and possible virginity come from ACD cannon where Sherlock eschews passions of a romantic kind, the subtext in the Billy Wilder movie is that Sherlock Holmes is gay.

So if the modern Sherlock Holmes is based on the movie, does it agree?

Yes. I think so. Look at the facts.

1. John Watson is straight.

I know that everyone pulls out the Watson is bisexual card, but if we take what he says and does at face value, he is a man interested in sex with women. He has never shown interest in having sex with men.

About Sholto – That was his commanding officer, and although there is obviously an almost fanatical loyalty that John shows to him, and vice versa, it is more of a taboo for an army man to sleep with their commanding officer than it is for him to sleep with another man. I don't think that John straight-arrow Watson would jeopardize his career that way. Longing looks, perhaps, but sex...no.

2. Sherlock never admits his sexual orientation

He doesn't, ever. People accuse them of being gay, he never says a word. He doesn't give a clue as to whether or not he prefers girlfriends or boyfriends. He is surprised at having “friends” at all.

3. He is celibate and possibly a virgin

The strongest evidence for Virginity is Mycroft's evil comment. When Sherlock says, “Sex doesn't alarm me.” He says, “How would you know?” Implying that Sherlock has never had sex.

He did not have sex, (or at least go all the way) with Janine as evidenced by her statement that it would have been nice to have done it at least once.

Then there is Moriarty whose nickname for Sherlock is “The Virgin”.

Also, although we see John go out on dates frequently, we never see Sherlock on one. We don't know what may or may not have gone on in the past, but it is clear that unless he is being extremely sneaky and hiding things successfully from both Mrs Hudson and John, that he does not go out on dates.

4. Sherlock's only serious relationship is with John

This is very strongly implied by everyone else's reaction to John, from Angelo, to Lestrade, to Mrs Hudson. We never see Sherlock without John as this is John's story, but everyone says that he was different and much worse before. Sherlock gets depressed when John is not there, and feels threatened by his girlfriends. He says it himself, “I don't have friends. I only have one.”

We can see that he goes so far as to give up years of his life and his good name to make sure that John remains safe, and he does things that he swears he will never do (like wear a tie) because it will make John happy, so Sherlock's view is pretty obvious. He is committed to this relationship whether John acknowledges it or not.

So what does this say in the end for us? Is Johnlock the end game?

I think not.

The end game is a tragicomedy.

John is fascinated with Sherlock and feels horrible when he is not there. John will not leave Sherlock. He will be his best friend and buddy till Sussex. The comedy is that these two best friends will be bumbling around London forever.

On the other hand, despite what Sherlock likes to tell himself, he is a bit of a romantic. He is romantically interested in John. He never wants him to leave, and he will do anything to keep him, even let him marry someone else, or make friends with someone who tried to kill him. He will go to prison forever or to his death for the price of one of John's smiles.

Sherlock is a man in love.

The tragedy is that John will never love him the same way.


They may end up in that cottage in Sussex, but there will be two bedrooms.

That is the Tragedy.

Has Moffat made you cry yet?

I thought so.

Calling It a Wrap

Jun. 14th, 2017 07:28 pm
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1) So we finished the latest seasons of Brooklyn 99, Dr. Blake's Mysteries, and The Expanse. Read more... )

Mike read that there is a 5th and final season of Dr. Blake being filmed. Read more... )

The Expanse was a lot more satisfying on virtually every front. Read more... )

2) This discussion about genetic testing and insurance is yet another exhibit about the messed up system in the U.S. The alarming stat that jumped out at me was that there are now only 12 companies in the U.S. even offering long-term care insurance. I also wonder what happened to the policies that people had with the other 80+ companies that since terminated that insurance. Read more... )

3) Speaking of aging, the suggestion that Tom Cruise is too old for action films at 55 has to have added insult to injury given its poor results at the box office. He's also hardly alone -- a lot of people in action films are only a decade younger at best. Read more... )

Also, given the article talks about how the film ends I had to raise an eyebrow at the "minor spoilers" tag at the beginning. Not that I was planning to see The Mummy anyway.

4) I loved these Wonder Woman-related stories about kids. I loved the response to littering but also find it alarming that it takes seeing WW for a girl to realize women aren't weak. Little kids aren't big on nuance but strength takes a lot of forms and it shouldn't be fighting in wars that creates the definition.

5) I finished watching S1 of Class. Read more... )

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Things I love about this fic:
- scheming, powerful, morally dubious Mycroft
- persistent, hard-working, determined Lestrade
- John and Sherlock being likeable and annoying in equal measure
- an angel mythology that's half Good Omens and half Supernatural (and that wonderful feeling that after working against someone for centuries, you actually have more in common with them than with your own rarely-seen higher ups)
- wings!

My sign of the best AUs are the ones that leave me wanting more, leave me imagining what else might happen in that universe and how they'd react, and this is a nice series of three stories that worked really well for me. I love the idea of Mycroft as Hell's Great Tactician (who's really decided to ignore the Great War for a while because human politics is his idea of fun) and I love Lestrade as an outclassed angel, someone who knows he's not Mycroft's equal but that doesn't mean he isn't going to try to help humanity anyway. Plus, wing smut. (Mmmmm, wings.)

(Also, the mention of Aziraphale in the second story made me grin. Mostly because I could imagine Lestrade and Aziraphale chatting over a cuppa. I could even imagine Crowley there. However I bet that Crowley would avoid Mycroft as much as he could, because Crowley's general approach to powerful demons is to slink away and hope he wasn't noticed.)

Signum Crucis (12806 words) by manic_intent
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Crossover, Angel!Lestrade, Demon!Mycroft, Interfering!Sherlock, Clueless!John, Wingfic, wing!kink
Series: Part 1 of Pater Noster

Good Omens!AU. Mycroft trades favours and requests that Lestrade keep an eye out for his current vessel's little brother. Lestrade begins to suspect that having to babysit the impossible Sherlock Holmes is all just a new stage in the technical if highly one-sided war that he's been waging against Mycroft's influence, an opening salvo from Mycroft against his sanity, maybe.

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Conferences. One day I will do it right. Which means coming prepared, listen attentively and ask smart questions, and go to bed early. All right, I usually don't come unprepared, but this time I did, and I hate that. I even forgot to present what my project really was!
In the evening, I usually end up going out with new or old friends and have a beer (of three...), because being social is my favourite thing with conferences. Actually being social is probably a favourite thing all the time. I let it drop that I might be looking for a new job, so I can only hope.

Of course the highlight of the conference was in the afternoon coffee break on the second day. They served cake. They served beetroot and cashew-nut cake. All the people took one taste, after all it looked inviting, all red and inviting, and then discretely set down the plate. It was not cake, it was boiled beetroot and salty. Much as I like beets, this was beyond me.

As a revenge for not eating our cake, there was no coffee the next day. Let me repeat, third day of a conference, and there was no coffee served. There was no coffee before the sessions started, no coffee for the coffee break. Actually there was no coffee until after lunch break. I think they were punishing us.

Hopefully next week will be a bit more relaxing... Actually, scratch that, it will not be:
Monday - choir rehearsal. And I need to pick up a packet from the post office, probably before work.
Tuesday - all-day meeting at work and then concert with the choir in the evening
Wednesday - planning meeting for next semester, can take 30 minutes or 6 hours.
Thursday - meeting at the University
Friday - course about the new learning platform we're getting
Sunday - early flight to London, and then rushing from Gatwick to London City Airport to catch the flight to Quimper, where I will be staying for two weeks

What a jet-set life!


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