An actual update

May. 22nd, 2017 06:23 pm
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I am making another attempt to return to DW. I have been checking out DW more during the last months but when I opened the post window my mind went blank.

So, what has happened since my last entry in, wait, October? Wow. It did not seem like so much time had passed since my last attempt. Anyway, I am on holiday at the moment and waiting for [personal profile] mystisblom to arrive on Thurday. We are going to Lisbon for a week. Anyone been there and has tips? I have a list but there is always space for more.

My littlest niece is going to the US as an exchange student this summer, to the most hilariously fake-Austrian village in Michigan. I am trying my hardest to be supportive and not roll my eyes too hard.

In fandom news, I am still very much in love with Derek & Stiles even though I cannot make myself care about Teen Wolf in any shape or form anymore. I live only in fanfic land.

I finally watched Rogue One a few weeks ago. I tried when it came out but it bored me so I never watched more than 20 minutes or so. This time around I cried hopeless, bitter tears about Jyn and Cassian. Why so cruel, world, why? So I have been reading fix-it fic a lot, obviously.

There hasn't been anything else that captured my attention. I have been looking forward to the new Prison Break so, so much, but I just couldn't get into it. I still haven't watched more than the first two episodes. I think I will wait until the season is over and then binge watch.

I think this is enough for the moment. Hello. *waves*

some big finish blake

May. 20th, 2017 09:37 pm
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i've been turning quite a bit of cash into games and a new wardrobe for new work (skinny jeans, converse, t-shirts - it's the civil service, but not as you know it! got to blend in) recently, which means i'm now trying to turn some of the blake stuff i don't need or want into cash. that means i have to work out that i don't want it - and that means i have to read or listen to it. and then write about it on the internet ...

you can probably see where all this is leading, but first - if you haven't already seen it, big finish announced on thursday that they'd recast dayna and were doing some more audios. on the one hand - hurrah, because they should always have re-cast dayna if josette wouldn't come back, and on the other none of the proposed writers really excite me. though i am amused (as i wrote on tumblr) that they've found another woman writer who has heard of blake's 7, which is also GREAT NEWS and her episode, at least at summary level, sounds like a classic avon's-latent-telepathy A/C fic. women, eh? i mean - go for it. it's what i'd do (by which i mean, if asked, i'd probably write BF some blake-avon where blake does a cool plan and avon saves his life while falling on him... from vila's POV).

i haven't pre-ordered yet, but i probably will.

here's some stuff i already ordered and consumed in some fashion.

Liberator Chronicles 11 )

Mediasphere )

Rainy Athens

May. 19th, 2017 05:55 pm
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It's been a busy week, although not work-wise, I've written all of 33 words today. But I've done a lot of other things!

First I celebrated my 42 birthday on Monday. So after a run in the morning, I spent two hours lazing on the bed, answering birthday emails, messages and facebook wishes. Clearly a very important thing to do. Then I went out for dinner, cake and drink with my friends A. We ate at To mavro provato, a fancy mezedopoleio not far from where I live, then we went on to have cakes, beer, a disgustingly sweet bubbly wine and some more beer to get rid of the taste of the sparking wine. In all a very nice birthday.

May 17th is the Norwegian national day, which is a big thing. I love celebrating May 17th, and I had been invited to celebratory lunch at a friend's place. She lives down out in the suburbs. And when the day dawned it was pouring down.And not only was it pouring down, it was a general strike as well. I went out running at 6 am, and the roads were already packed, which they usually aren't at that time. According to the transport page the buses, tram and metro were supposed to be going from 9 to 15, so I had planned on taking the tram. Did I mention the rain? Because it was pouring. And I'm used to rain, but I am also used to an infrastructure that deals with lots of wet on the ground. Athens is a pretty hilly city, and when it rains the roads become rivers, and since the roads are usually filled with things like parked cars, chairs and tables, trash containers with or without the trash on the inside, there are also a lot of surprising ponds. And of course Athenian pavements are made of some kind of polished stone which gets slipperly when wet. Lovely. So when I finally got to the tram stop it was 915 and I was tol that the first tram would arrive at 1008, because even through they were scheduled to start at 9 doesn't mean that they would be in traffic at 9. So I had to walk another 15 minutes to the metro station and met up with one of the other peole going to the lunch.When we finally arrived, I was drenched, and had to borrow a pair of shoes from the hostess - luckily we use the same size!

The lunch was very nice, we had lot of traditional-ish Norwegian food that was mainly bought at IKEA - the closest thing you can get to home in Greece. getting back from the lunch was again the same problem as getting there. Since the strike would restart at 16, the last thram went at 1403. But this time we got a taxi, since rush hour hadn't yet started, so we could actually snag one.

In the evening I had tickets to Depeche Mode at a place out in the wilderness called Terra Vibe. I was a bit anxious that they would cancel the whole thing due to the rain, although I also almost hoped it, since there was still a strike on and it was raining. Luckly I managed to find a bus that actually went to the train station (the alternative would have been 90 minutes of walking), and from there I had tickets with a private bus company. I got to the place in good time, and spent about 45 minutes in line to by tokens to buy beer, and then the concert started. It was a nice concert, despite the rain, the mud and the fog of marijuana. Getting back was an equal nightmare, I found my bus, but since there were no organised parking, we stood 45 minutes in line to get on the main road. And then I had to get a taxi from the railway, and didn't get home until past 2 am.
Yesterday it rained as well, I went to my language course, and then home again, got out of my wet clothes and went to sleep until the rain stopped. In the evening I went out for a beer with a friend, only having one pari of dry shoes left - the high heeled ones.

Today the sun is shining again.

It's been a while

May. 17th, 2017 05:49 pm
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1) Nabbed from Petzi, I started commenting to this article about changes in everyday life and it got so long I figured I should bring it to my own post instead.

I was actually thinking about this issue recently due to a recent time travel story where Peggy Carter is brought to 2015 and has to adjust to various changes. There were a few things I thought were errors, though overall I thought it did well in noting changes. But it's quite hard when something has been true all your life to remember that these things may not have existed before you were around. Read more... )

2) The thing that stood out to me about this news is that in the U.S. our public broadcasting is so poorly supported we need to ask for donations from international users...

3) I'm headed on vacation tomorrow and will be going to WhedonCon in L.A. with a friend. Will anyone around here be there?

Introducing mummimamma

May. 16th, 2017 10:56 pm
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So, I though I should write an intro post. I started out journaling on Livejournal back in June 2002 when i was struggling with my thesis, and I've never actually written an introduction about myself, but here goes!

the chonology of Mummimamma )

Me. Now. )

Life in Athens

May. 12th, 2017 05:38 pm
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Currently I'm sitting on a boat on my way to Poros to visit a friend, whom I studied with when I was here in 2011. She has embraced the Greek life and is now living with her Greek boyfriend and their son. In one way it will be good to get out of Athens, since they're promising a heat wave this weekend, and even though the sun isn't shining at present, it's fairly humid and rather disgusting in the city centre. So I'm hoping we'll have a good time!

Else this week has been pretty good, working wise I've actually done some work. I've sent off two columns for a journal I've promised to write. In theory I am obliged to write one per semester, so I went from being a month behind schedule to five months ahead. I've gotten them back, and need to revise them a bit, but the heavy lifting is done. I've also almost finished a survey for my former students, and sent off to be coded.

I've also been fairly social this week, which is good (I'm extrovert. Very extrovert. Being with people makes me happy). Aside from the wonderful date with Nikos2, I've gone to a lecture on the German occupation of Greece and then for a glass of wine with my classmates. Yesterday I went for dinner with one of the people I met when I studied here in 1996(!), and later for a walk and a beer with another friend. It makes the time fly, and now I regret I didn't plan to stay for longer! Or come earlier.

In Tinder-news, besides having fun stories about bad dating experiences to tell all my friends (yes, of course I tell them. It's hilarious!) I've kind of realised that my expectations are different from what is expected of me, the last few messages (from Giorgos, Giorgos2 and Nikos4, because heaven forbid they come up with some new names) have been on the lines of "Would you like to meet to make nice erotic memories together?" (that was, I admit, the sweetest of them), whereas I want something like: "Would you like to meet and see of we like each other, talk and maybe then make some nice erotic memories?". Call me a sucker for romance.

original fantasy

May. 9th, 2017 05:33 pm
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I just dumped Exit Visa From Fantasyland* into a single file to get a wordcount and it is 110,000 words, which may not be even an average novel to Stephen King, but seems a fairly hefty tome to me.

The elusive Chapter 6 finally got typed (bearing in mind this was written for NaNo 2012) around mid April but I'm just too distracted lately and never properly paid attention to the fact or printed it out. BUT if I can get this thing edited, I have complete drafts of books 2 and 3 as well and partials of 4-6, and I can start to think about trying to get this series published in some form or other.

The kind people who offered to help me edit, I have not forgotten and will be in touch.

*"The Gwyd and Irene thing"
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