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Mar. 24th, 2017 05:45 pm
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1) Back from my trip: the weather in Central Florida was a bit cooler than I expected, but there were some lovely sunny days and I got to spend time with friends. Also, good food.

2) Probably of surprise to no one: Trump’s Election May Be Making Men More Aggressive

3) Interesting project on retrieving FBI files on US citizens, though it's now being stymied by the automated format being blocked. "Many of the files are for activists. “If they’re a public enough activist to get a Times obituary, they frequently have an FBI file,”"

4) I haven't listened to the podcast but this case caught my eye because I can't remember many in which someone was prosecuted for an electronic threat, and I have to wonder how many other "weaponized" forms of electronic communication can there be?

5) Apparently when it comes to fanfic the search term "What do you do" turns up an awful lot of Character/Reader and Mary Sue stories.

Fic: Proving the Worth of a Wolf

Mar. 22nd, 2017 09:54 pm
elistaire: (dreamer elistaire)
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Title: Proving the Worth of a Wolf
Fandom: HL
Word Count: ~4900
Characters: DM/M, OCs
Genre: horror, romance, m/m, werewolves
Warnings: non-explicit, some swearing, violence off screen

Comments: Wow, am I rusty at this. Both writing and posting.

[personal profile] pat_t mentioned she was longing for a more romance-inclined DM/M story, and I wanted to try and write something for her, and this came about, but this story is decidedly not more romance-inclined. I'm sorry about that. It is slightly horror and mostly DM and M being comfortable with being together for a long time already. And [personal profile] mackiedockie's The Long Night Moon had me thinking about werewolves.

Still, since it is written, I figured I'd post it.

I'll get it up at AO3 at some point soon.

Proving the Worth of a Wolf )

sunday gaming

Mar. 19th, 2017 11:17 pm
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intense day of gaming today - finally managed to get together enough people to play 'diplomacy' (after owning it many months). my gaming friends are mostly civil servants anyway ... and civil servants are the kind of people who think 'diplomacy' sounds like an awesome game.

to my eternal shame i was clearly heard standing outside my house saying 'i'm going to betray jordan' about 3 moves into the game. after 6 (ish) hours, only one person had been eliminated. i had the most supply centres (i was turkey), and fortunately we'd all agreed to end after 6 (ish) hours - so we stopped.

then everyone left, apart from the guy who got eliminated - and the people who actually live in my house with me returned. we discussed the experience. he hadn't enjoyed it, because he doesn't really like social games (he gave the examples of 'werewolf' and 'avalon'). and i said - i hadn't really enjoyed it either, overall, despite the fact that he lost, and i won. ultimately it was an extremely draining 6 (ish) hours, we STILL hadn't finished, or done much to get us towards the point where someone might be winning, and the gameplay itself wasn't a lot of fun - it was all too intense, and backstabby and not that... game-y (because the moves were so simple).

very interesting as an experience (and probably quite entertainng for the guys who sit outside the pub, who must have seen us periodically emerge and then say things like 'i want albania' or 'get out of sevastapol' to each other, without context), and i'm glad we had a chance to crack out the board at last... but yes. can't imagine i'll be played it often. or... again. (well - maybe one more time. erin didn't get to play at all and would probably like to for the experience). i also think at least some of the people who came round genuinely enjoyed it.

after that those who were now assembled (four of us, three from the house + one) played one of my many new acquisitions: castles of the mad king ludwig. played this at the board game cafe a while ago and really liked it. it's really expensive, even for one of these games, but i saw it for ... slightly cheaper on ebay recently, and bought it - because it's a really swell game. before playing it, i thought i wouldn't like it much more than fellow tile-laying game carcassone (which i don't like that much) but clearly that isn't the case. i really like the theme, and it's well represented by the tiles. i also like the differing ways that you can score points, and although i always seem to lose as a result of it, i think the master-builder mechanic (which allows one player to set prices for pieces on offer, and then receive money from other players) is nice. it's also quick - and after playing diplomacy for 6-ish hours... that really is a major advantage. we all really enjoyed this game, except maybe for xander who was playing it for the first time - and lost his second game of the day. almost certainly going to become a firm favourite in our house, justifying it's stupid price-tag.

then... FINALLY ... i managed to force convince meghan and a very tired erin to play that game i'd wanted to play for more than a week. yes - time to play: T.I.M.E. Stories! i was only a bit interested in this game (currently 28 on BGG's list of best games ever) until erin got £15 ebay vouchers if you spent £30 (thanks ebay!) and we decided to buy a game. T.I.M.E. Stories was pretty much the only one on my wishlist of the right price - it arrived: i became obsessed with playing it, and due to the ridiculous amount of theatre that we have seen over the last week or so... the three of us haven't been in the house together since it arrived :(

so - despite an intense day of gaming, today we T.I.M.E. Storied for the first time. if you don't now what this game is - basically, it's a story-based co-op (or team) game where you travel around a location, fighting and/or talking your way out of trouble by rolling dice. you collect objects which help you explore other areas, or otherwise explain the mystery. it's almost certainly one use only once you beat the mystery - but you can buy expansions (which are also one-use only, but surprisingly not widely available on the secondary market). we didn't beat the mystery, but we learned lots of stuff not to do next time.

good fun was had by ... at least two of us, and erin definitely woke up enough to participate during. but alas - meghan has a friend over for THE REST OF THE WEEK... so we won't resume our journey until the weekend :( it's fun - light, though, as you'd expect from dice-based co-op. i'm assuming this is fine though as the secondary market is, as i said, very buoyant - you can easily sell for what you paid, so it's merely a temporary investment. and as a temporary investment... it's good fun. I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN.

more riding

Mar. 19th, 2017 01:37 pm
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Went yesterday and today for a few hours each in the morning before it got crowded and busy (and dangerous, because too many people means one of them is more likely to collide with someone). The snow is still really good and I had a good time. Yesterday I wasn't quite myself and it took until the very end to find my balance. Today I had my balance straight off and was doing ollies off little booters just about everywhere (straight jumps, little ones, off tiny bumps of snow). It felt awesome.

Now I'm home, doing the boring bits of life like laundry, and contemplating some editing.

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Mar. 19th, 2017 10:31 am
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Just fixed a bloody stupid error toward the end of Risen two and a half years on from posting the damn fic, where Wade's knife disappeared/got ignored completely by Nathan when he dropped it in the naked-fight-in-the-shower scene. Hate finding these gaffs.
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I wanted to rec this story earlier, except I kept thinking of it as the "start with a blowjob" story and couldn't remember title or author. But I remembered enjoying it. (I have a weakness for romance that starts with sex and works it's way up to feelings.

I like a busy, impatient Mycroft and a Lestrade who's not going to let him get away with just ordering the world around him to suit him. And snarky. I love these two being sarcastic together.

"Then can we get on with this, please?"

"This? You mean the mind blowing sex?"

"At this point, I would be happy with really quite ordinary sex."

I also like that it starts as sex and sarcasm but builds to a rather satisfying plot. There's action and intrigue, ulterior motives and clever manipulation, and an interesting insight into Mycroft's life. (Which only looks dull from the outside.) A story that's worth re-reading.

Sinking the Land (34302 words) by emungere
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Anthea (Sherlock), John Watson, Sherlock Holmes

Three weeks ago, Mycroft Holmes picked Lestrade up outside New Scotland Yard and made him an offer he'd been unable to refuse, despite his best judgement. Mycroft had sucked his cock, dropped him off at home, and Lestrade hadn't heard a word from him since.

Now, the door of the black car swung open as Lestrade drew level with it. He could just see Mycroft's profile, hawkish nose and shallow chin limned by the orange glow of the streetlight.


Mar. 15th, 2017 09:57 pm
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I just finished reading a Dick Francis thriller called Trial Run (found a box of them in the wardrobe while moving from my flat, so have been having a grand re-read), interesting more on account of the main character Randall Drew wearing glasses than anything else, since the plot is dealing with Russian spy stuff and a bit removed out of the author's regular strengths and has never been a favourite. But it did occur to me that Gwydion in the original humour/fantasy stuff I've written might be rarer than I'd previously thought on account of his specs, which is an odd thought. I don't think about wearing glasses much. They get kind of invisible, I've had them since I was a kid. So I've never particularly thought of them as a point of identification or umbrage. But Harry Potter aside there's not that many heroic/main characters that wear specs all the time. They tend to ditch them when they get their badass on.

In Trial Run they kind of play the same role as Jonah Dereham's dislocating shoulder in Knock Down or Sid Halley's electric hand -- the reason the character can't ride in races anymore and you know at some point that they'll come a cropper through everything going horribly wrong with their aid. So yeah, the glasses get taken and obligatory sequence where the hero can't see. Plus bad guys making a bee-line for the glasses in any fights.

Book 6 that I started writing for NaNo and still haven't finished yet, this could become more of a point with Gwyd than it had been previously. Gwydion being dead most of the time, his clothes and accoutrements are normally as unreal as his physical form is, after all. Resurrected again it becomes something to explore. Though I'd rather avoid the typical ohnoes!-hero-lost-his-glasses-can't-see! stuff.

I honestly can't remember after all the years I've been picking at this series what made the decision that he wore specs. He just seemed to belong with little gold-rimmed spectacles, I think, part and parcel of the image of the character that landed in my head. Might be a trace there of deceptive appearances because he was supposed to look very much not like his ancestral role as protector of the realm and mystical WMD.

Quick update since last time: I moved house, I went on holiday, stuff continues to happen. Haven't had time (or perhaps more accurately energy, really) to be online much. Maybe I'll do a better catch-up post at the weekend instead of just rambling about fictional heroes with specs. Random rambling.

Departing to Familiar Ground

Mar. 14th, 2017 02:19 pm
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1) Is there any fandom experience sadder than discovering a really good writer who creates work in not just one but three of your fandoms...and hasn't updated anything for three years?

2) This article about the importance of money when it comes to acting careers is a year old already, but caught my attention for two reasons. The first is its reference to Night Manager -- because I had mentioned the very same thing to Mike when we were watching it, noticing the leads' backgrounds. Read more... )

3) I'll likely see the live action Beauty and the Beast at some point, but what caught my attention about this interview with the director was an exchange about female fandom. Read more... )

4) I have been riveted by The Crown. I expect to finish the final 2 episodes this week. I knew some of the details before but never portrayed as it is, where the characters seem like characters rather than actors caught up in doing portrayals of others. Which is probably why John Lithgow stuck out to me as blustering his way through that role in a way that jarred compared to the other performances. Read more... )

5) I'm heading out of town for a week, come Thursday. I see that spring officially begins Monday -- but given the temperatures I'm headed to I expect I'll be making the shift several days early.

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Mar. 11th, 2017 12:58 am
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It's one AM and I feel too fidgety to go to bed. I'm so tired. I had a coffee drink with breakfast and chocolate shake with lunch and I just can't handle this calfeine.

I woke up tired

Daylight savings is Sunday.

I live in a dystopia.
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