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Aug. 16th, 2017 06:38 pm
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I love lecturing, but phew, I had totally forgotten how extremely exhausting it could be!

I had my first lecture of the term today. It is a lecture I've held lots of times before, but it also a lecture for the full cohort of exchange students, so about 300 this year. And I do not know a single one of them, which makes it all a bit harder. So after my hour of lecture I was totally exhausted.. Sweating like a pig, mentally and physically. And I wanted nothing more than to hide in my office, but first there was all the questions, and then I ran into the guy who a had the most massive crush on when we took beginner's Latin together, so we had to catch up (yep, still cute), and then we had a department lunch to welcome a new member of faculty. I have no idea what happened there, I just wanted to go home and faceplant into my pillow.

Then I rushed home and slept for two hours.

In other news I have a job interview on Monday! In good Norwegian spirit I got an email from them suggesting a time, and they asked me to answer by sending them a text message. Human interaction in for other people. The downsides is that two of my biggest competitors posted on Facebook that they have also been asked for an interview.

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Aug. 14th, 2017 11:49 pm
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I... may actually be close to having an edited version of Book 1 of the original fantasy series that tracks as a novel.

Remembering Her

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:23 pm
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1) I've been posting various recs to [community profile] recs, but wanted to single out Stamina by runawaynun. It's an inspiring vid about female athletes with a really awesome set of notes about all the women in the video.

2) HT to Paula for these book related words, mostly because I think Angsticipation and Readgret could be used more widely.

3) The legal brief defending John Oliver has a wonderfully fun table of contents!

4) Of all the (many) stories of women being discriminated against, I think this one has to take the cake when it comes to the entertainment industry. And it was simply straight up misogyny, not even cloaked.

5) Some things seem like they ought to be connected to a fandom, even when they aren't. Case in point: "Apocalypse Dreams" by Tame Impala.

some facts about doors

Aug. 13th, 2017 07:25 pm
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here's a post about doors. yes, that's right - doors.

why? well, since i started trying to replace our very narrow door with a door that i didn't hate (an astonishingly difficult task) i have learned many things. well, some things. well, i've basically learned the things that are in this post. and i thought - maybe this will be of some interest to the kind of people who like blake's 7. i mean - right? why wouldn't it be?

there's also some stuff about victorian stained glass, too.

here's what i know about doors now )

Knowing What You're Doing

Aug. 11th, 2017 07:16 pm
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1) I'd be pretty amused if fanfic writers decided to take the same approach, but at least one Norwegian news outlet decided to make readers take a quiz on the content of the article they were trying to comment on before they could comment. If they had a Kudos button on that idea, I'd be trying to hammer it like a whack-a-mole. And it turns out it was a good idea for various reasons.

2) Our civilization will likely end because of "disenchanted teenage boys." They seem to be behind a lot of the fake news being spread online, (especially if we're looking at the commercial factory production of such news), harmful hacking and virus production, and, I learned thanks to Samantha Bee's last episode, the Trump election. The latter was not so much because they voted, though perhaps they did, but because there was a direct line between Steve Bannon's experience with video game players to the misinformation created for the Trump campaign.

3) I don't know how Parrot balances out the different elements that it collects data on, but I found quite a few surprises among top TV shows. Read more... )

4) I was on the Pew Research page looking up a report about demographic trends and was poking around their topic list. I found it notable that they haven't done any surveys related to TV specifically -- the few studies that touch on it are not about programming but news. Radio, similarly, has focused largely on podcasting and a bit on NPR.

The last study involving blogging was from 2010. And even then it was lumped into general internet use and has been superseded by studies on social media use. Read more... )

5) I came across an article which talked about declining products that Millennials are not embracing. Diamonds were one of them, though the article actually pointed to a drop in demand from China as the main culprit, as well as the growth of synthetic diamonds for jewelry, and the issue of conflict-free diamonds. Beer consumption is also showing a slight decline with other alcohol sales stalled. (Hard to believe that one given the incredible binge drinking that goes on.) But it was the issue of napkins I found most interesting. Read more... )

In which I am waiting for fame

Aug. 11th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Earlier this year I was asked to write for a language blog/online magazine at the University of Bergen (two articles per year), and yesterday my first post went live. If you can read Norwegian, you can find it here. The article is about the new Latin word for hangover, and how that really is a Norwegian word, with some meanderings about word for having hangovers and how to make a Latin word.

The article has been fairly well received (73 shares on Facebook!), even though I am waiting for someone to call me out on my handwaving over the sound change from kv-in Norwegian to v- in Latin, and not qu-, but none has been forthcoming as of yet.

What has been coming is a telephone form one of the bigger national newspaper, wanting to write an article about my article, so now I have been interviewed (while eating lunch), and then editing and emailing my rather incoherent ramblings to the journalist. Clearly I need some media training if this continues.

The thing is - I like writing this sort of stuff way more than I like writing academic articles. Hm.

Life, money and running

Aug. 9th, 2017 12:55 pm
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The internet has spoken, and I am signing up for the stand-up course in September.

Well, will be signing up as soon as I have got the money for it. Just now I am broke have some cash-flow problems, but payday is on the 12th, so I'll probably get the money on my account tomorrow. And that is good, because I've only had about 74 kroner ($10, €8) on my account for the last week. Holidaying expensive. Not to mention that when I came back, I had to buy new radios, since Norway has decided to change from FM radio to DAB+ radio, and that change happened while I was away. As I am an avid radio listener, not listening to the radio is really not an option. So new radios for the sitting room and bedroom. But, yeah, money tomorrow. Hooray! I promise not to spend them all on nail polish and gigolos.

In other news I finally kicked myself and went running again yesterday, just the short circuit since it was so long time since I went running last. And as every time I haven't gone running for a while, I get annoyed at myself that I haven't kept up with it, because it really, really is good for me, both physically and mentally. I intend to get back to my 3 times per week routine, so I'd better start now.
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Life is slowly getting back to normal. I had dinner with some friends on Saturday and went hiking yesterday, so both social interaction and exercise. Go me! I also feel the urge to brag about the hiking, since it was pouring all day yesterday (in the flooded streets and cellars way - and this is a city that knows rain), but I still managed to kick myself out.

At work I spent the day answering emails. From 9 til 16, just answering emails, and then answering answers to emails, and then answering the answers, well you get the drift. I really don't like email, but I'll save taht rant for another time.

In other news I am considering signing up for a stand-up comedy course in september. It is a two day course, one day of writing and one day of performing. I'm not quite sure whether it just screams "mid-life crisis", on the other hand I have always like being funny, and had a secret dream of being funny on stage, and not just in class. It will be one day of theory (whatever that might be), and one of writing with help from others from the stand-up comedians club here. And then there will be opportunities to try it out on stage later.
So - what say ye?

Reaching the End

Aug. 6th, 2017 07:22 pm
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1) The Manservant by Michael Harwood was a book that seemed to give up halfway in. Read more... )

2) Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglass Clegg was not a romance, though it does have a gay love story. Read more... )

3) Full Dark House by Christopher Fowler also plays with the line between fantasy and reality in the first of a mystery series. Read more... )

4) An account of how U.S. schools are re-segregating. This BS is going to continue until such time as we start administrating all school funding at the state level, which is the only way to ensure students get an equitable education (and might even encourage voters to better fund education).

5) This article about VR and LARP experiences at ComicCon was perhaps most interesting in its references to how recent movies are relying more on practical effects than digitial ones. However, I can understand why people would be more interested in physical streets and sets than VR. It's much like what I felt at the music museum in Seattle -- I didn't want to spend hours of time watching videos that I could just as easily stream online. I wanted to see physical memorabilia. At some point people will be able to use VR programs at home. Very few people can actually visit, say, a Enterprise bridge set...


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