Date: 2014-11-12 01:43 pm (UTC)
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Ok, I'm writing stuff down whilst I think about it when I'm listening. Liveblogging a podcast, I guess? Haha.

I loved your discussion of cover art. I used to make a lot of graphics when I was first in fandom, so making cover art when I started podficcing felt really natural to me (not that I'm saying that my cover art is amazing or anything, but it's usually easy for me to throw something together that I think looks decent). I once did get a compliment on my cover art and it actually made my day (it was for this cover that I made with a photograph of my own, so that one is kind of special to me on a different level). I think I'm going to make an effort to comment on art as well as podfics going forward, you've inspired me :D

In the spirit of the self-reccing that's happening over at [community profile] podfic_love right now, I wonder if anyone has any cover art that they're particularly proud of?

Re: singing, there are some brilliant podfics with fans singing in Glee fandom. One of them is the outtro to [personal profile] klb's All the Other Ghosts, where [ profile] klainalsex performs Ghosts That We Knew. Let me dig up some links to others, hmm. There's another klb collab where (again) izbit and [ profile] likearumchocolatesouffle sing as Adam and Kurt which is lovely. Aha, An Affair to Remember.

I would love to do meatspace collabs - seriously, if there are any other podficcers who happen to be in Edinburgh or even other parts of the UK, it would be awesome to meet up with you.

[personal profile] analise010 and I made a podcast for Thursday which was meant to be about personal preferences but touches on a lot of this stuff here too, actually. I guess so many of these issues are kind of linked together.
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