Date: 2014-11-13 04:04 pm (UTC)
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HAVEN OMG. It's hilarious, that's the show I wouldn't stop complaining about as I watched it and had to start watching from late S2 because most of them annoy me too much (but I didn't really have a choice because half my friends got into it in, like, the same week so if I wanted to talk to anyone I had to watch the damn thing) - and then somehow I ended up super-fannish and invested in the thing.

Last episode this show officially reached the point of me declaring that I need vodka to deal with it, damnit. And I... wasn't entirely joking.

The things I presently have up for Haven (with the except for Five Times) are indicative of the sort of works I'm likely to create in this fandom left to my own means. (I'm super-attached to both Edge of Morning and Monsters. God, Monsters.) Which is a lot of digging into the Troubles and the conflicts around them as an analogue to real-world conflicts, and the potentially juicy stuff with the role religion (organized vs. religiosity) play in Haven, and the show's surprisingly dead-on handling of massive fucked-up-ness. (They are all killing me.) And if they take Charlotte where I think they're going to go with that one...

...but anyway that's the stuff I'm likely to create on my own, and what I do in collabs is often different because collabs have their own dynamic. You still have my email, right? Hit me up if you have a thread to start with, now or whenever.

Oh and also I forgot, I totally have a meta about my Pod Together/Lightning experience written up which I was going to post... goodness, I need to go look at what day I planned that for. It's a mash-up of personal history and "podfic-fandom and fandom in general".
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