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I made a podcast and rerecorded the very first story I ever podficced in honor of today's theme. :-D

Both can be found in my journal here. And so you know what to expect in terms of podfic:

Title: Haircare Tips for Zone Runners
Author: [personal profile] greedy_dancer
Reader: [personal profile] crazybutsound
Fandom: My Chemical Romance (Killjoys universe)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
File size/type: MP3 (20MB) // M4B (43MB)
Length: 22m:34s
Author's Summary: A story about Gerard's red hair and throat, basically >.>
"He still remembers the buzz of the razor, the taste of blood in his mouth as they pulled his head into place, fingers digging into his cheeks. Seeing the remains of Mikey's hair on the concrete. The scrape of the blades across his skull, the tickle of hair as it fell into his neckline. He remembers even more vividly the clench of Frank's jaw when he'd seen them, beaten and bruised, blood crusted on their half-shaved heads. The way he'd disappeared at the next pit-stop, had come back with small cardboard boxes. He'd tossed them, his move too deliberate to be as careless as he wanted to make it appear. Gerard had caught his. Fire Truck Red, it said. He'd looked over at Mikey, who had held up his own gift, one eyebrow raised. Trash Blonde. Gerard snorted."


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