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2 weeks from today, [community profile] pod_aware will officially be starting! Is everyone getting excited? I am!

Date: 2011-10-25 02:05 pm (UTC)
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I'd be doing this mostly from the POV of a podfic listener, so most weekly topics won't fit, but I still can't narrow where to start with how useful and fun podfics are to me. Is it normal that it sometimes feels like I'm repeating myself over and over? Is this a 'this is why you should give it a chance as a medium' or are we finally over that phase?

Date: 2011-10-27 02:41 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yue_ix
If you wanted to do a rec list on the 101 day, or post a pic spam for feedback day, that's totally ok too! It doesn't all have to be meta. :)
Ooh, hey, topic idea there: "podfic and you when you aren't a reader"? I mean, beside the obvious listener, I've also been a beta for podfics, and an artist in podfic big bang (which was a rather particular experience!), and we'll always have and need more reccers, commenters, and what can authors themselves have to do with podfics? There's lots of facets to podfics that aren't often talked when introducing people to the concept; maybe some would be interested if they knew they too could participate in ways they're already comfortable with.

Seriously just put all your thoughts out there, all the anecdotes and feelings, then just start narrowing it down. Or, at least, that's what works for me.
Unfortunately that rarely works for me. Cutting down info doesn't work so well - instead, I most often end up just adding stuff and explanations until it's twice as long and fastidious! x__x Making lists might help though. Like, Having A Plan of what topics I want to talk about. Long post with cuts in it to help separate sections are already easier to read, right?

After the awareness, I think that your idea to have resources out there for podficcers is an excellent idea. It'll look way less intimidating that way, and help interested people start somewhere. (I know that when I was excited about podfics as a listener but had absolutely no idea where one could start to record their own, [community profile] camelot_fleet's podfic workshop was a lot of help both in answering questions but just.. demonising it, showing podfic making as something anyone can do, if you get what I mean. It felt more of a communal activity and a friendly challenge than tackling this whole new unknown medium.)
Doing that also opens up discussion of feedback, which I've been told and semi-witnessed is a big issue, like with all new or less common-in-our-fandom mediums. Not sure I'd be ready to meta on that, but it could be worth it to drop a line encouraging people (and myself!) to remember to let the reader know when we've enjoyed something of theirs. =)


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